Hi there!

I’m an actor/writer/model based in Los Angeles. Originally from Frederick, MD, I started with a theater background, and a love for movies. It didn't take long for me to find Improv comedy as new passion, and I've stuck with it ever since. I’m currently based in Los Angeles, where I'm continuing my love for acting in film, and writing sketches, and films of my own. I’m also ⅓ of the long-form improv group, Emotionally Available. I remain a current company member of wolfsmouth players company based in NY.

I love vintage arcade games, hiking and trying all the best possible root beers for my personal catalog of all the best root beers to ever exist...ever (obviously a name I didn't just come up with right now), and I’m convinced I make the best breakfast sandwich. I’ve also compiled a list of car questions to help build the relationships of anyone in the car with you, or to help pass the time easier!  

I look forward to working together soon!

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